Miley Cyrus Teases Glittery New Collaboration With Converse

Miley Cyrus is putting her Rainbowland turn on a classical Converse sneaker in a new partnership with a brand. On Friday (Nov. 17), Cyrus common a few selfies with a initial samples to come from a collection. 

Cyrus common 4 opposite samples, that underline opposite ankle styles and patterns and an MC smiley face logo, 3 of that have an darling rubber-glitter sole. The initial shoe she common is an ultra-trendy platform low tip with a china shine solitary and pastel pinkish upper.

The second is oh-so-Miley, display off a white high tip with a splendid bubblegum pinkish shine sole.  

Perhaps a third span is a many resigned of a line, if shine could ever be deliberate subdued. White low tops with a china shine solitary are firm to be a easiest tack for a reduction adventurous Converse-wearer.  

Finally, Cyrus wouldn’t be removing behind to her nation roots though a lurch of paisley.  

The thespian has nonetheless to share a recover date with fans, though captioned a selfie “@converse entrance soon,” that hopefully means that it won’t be most longer before we can trip a span of those glittery designs on for a initial time. 

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