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Hold on to your high tops, Miley Cyrus is prepared to shake adult a sneaker world! The thespian debuted a special Converse plug collection dedicated to Pride 2018 progressing this week, stability her ongoing partnership with a brand. With all deduction going to LGBTQ girl organizations, including Minus 18, Rainbow Youth, It Gets Better, and her possess charity, Happy Hippie Foundation, a plan goes over fashion. “I have been a longtime disciple for equal rights, generally for a LGBTQ community,” says Cyrus who started her non-profit to fight girl homelessness. “Converse has always represented self-expression and has no boundaries, so when we were building this partnership it done clarity to have a dedicated line for Pride month.”

Of march when Cyrus designs sneakers, they aren’t going to be your normal Chucks. Covered in a rainbow stripes of a Pride flag, polka dots, and stimulating sequins, a boots are all about a clarity of lightsome fun. With 4 pairs of trainers, sweaters, T-shirts, and more, there’s copiousness to name from here, and all comes with a possess quirky twist. Take her rave-ready Chuck Taylor boots—they come with a rainbow-colored, fender height solitary that’s designed to put we conduct and shoulders above a rest on a dance floor. Her heading glittery prints are adequate to make even a many informed sportswear classics—track pants, hoodies—stand out in a crowd. “Happy Hippies are loud, unapproachable and won’t behind down!” pronounced Cyrus. “These boots and attire gleam with so most individuality and roar personality—just like us!”

With a collection now accessible online and in name Converse stores, Cyrus wants a designs do some-more than demeanour good—she’d like them to embolden others. “I’m an plainly gender liquid chairman and we have always been honest about my sexuality. It’s been critical to me not usually to uncover honour for who we am, though to enthuse my fans to always be loyal to who they are,” says Cyrus. “I wish to enthuse them to have some-more adore in their life and reduction fear.” Thus distant a greeting from fans and friends has been heartening. “One of my transgender friends only told me she could never have illusory a day when she could plainly wear rainbow sequin shoes. It’s so moving for me to hear her contend she is empowered to entirely demonstrate herself by this collection. This is accurately what we hoped for!”

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