Milan Fashion Week: Prada Lights The Way

Miuccia presented a color-tastic, sport-glam slam.

Leave it Miuccia Prada to determine a conflicting army that have been effervescent adult on a runway this deteriorate — feminism vs. femininity, unity vs. individuality; dark vs. light — and tie them into a ideally unlawful crawl like a tulle ones curled during a backs of a necks of scarcely each one of her runway models in her possess blink during a pussy blouse, perhaps.

But what else would we design from one of a good lady designers, who had Milan during her feet on Thursday night, when she staged her tumble runway uncover on a fourth building of her Prada Foundation art museum’s just-completed building building, with a skyline of colorful neon Prada signs radiant in a dark outward providing unconstrained smiles and imitation ops.

The collection had all a big, confidant scrupulous silhouettes for that Prada is famous usually with a sporty, somewhat rumpled remix — consider a boxy coupler and full dress in color-tastic orange checks clashed with an oversized, diamond-patterned sweater, or a black workwear coupler over a full dress with flashes of prohibited pinkish neon tulle peeking out.

Equally astonishing was a men’s wear check cloak with 3/4 sleeves edged in black rubber; a sky blue bucket shawl and sleeveless windbreaker over an poison yellow cosmetic border skirt; and a bejeweled black tulle dress layered over a jeopardy orange fleece zip-up Prada trademark coupler and skirt. (Yes, even Prada is removing in on logo-mania.)

Footwear alternated between high heels (tied over a feet with neon climbing cord, and ragged with ankle socks, natch), and sleet galoshes with neon-colored gators. (Galoshes seem to be a fashion’s runway’s newest comfort conform craze, also speckled during Raf Simons in New York.) And bags paid reverence to some of a Prada universe’s dear totems, including a designer’s stylish robots and those famous flame-heeled boots from a few years back, desirous by 1950s hotrods.

There was a lot of dress adult options for Hollywood’s Prada fans Diane Kruger, Emma Stone and Lupita Nyong’o to love, all of them with an edge, including a pinkish tweed change with floral imitation busting out, and a black sleeveless character wrapped in highlighter-pink tulle, formulating a intense outcome that would make Dan Flavin proud. 

The thing about Prada’s collections is that they are never means to be strong into a one-liner, though always multilayered and adult for interpretation, kind of like a square of art. And this season, a sum of a tools was a museum-worthy masterpiece.

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