Milan conform week men’s: Armani seeks a chicky of a 1980s

If a positioning of politics within conform feels a bit problematic, on a final day of a shows in Milan, during slightest one celebration line had been drawn: in menswear, logos are going nowhere.

This was maybe many startling from Giorgio Armani, a aristocrat of Milan though also of understated chic. Hosting a uncover in his lucky petrify auditorium, a Italian engineer had hung a billowing white screen during a finish of a catwalk, detailed with a vast “GA” trademark from a 1980s archive. At Fendi, that took place circuitously a few hours later, there were logos on roughly any singular piece.

Giorgio Armani during Milan conform week men’s, SS19. Photograph: Estrop/Getty Images

The rest of Armani’s collection was logo-free, with a concentration on summer rather than spring, with a engineer holding a low dive into a doublebreasted suit, recast here in marker white, hemp grey and blue for summer. Save for a few vast knapsacks, Armani loafers and espadrilles, accessories were minimal, so a models carried their grosgrain hats like handbags.

Suits are an Armani mainstay, though a shape, styling and mood will change any season. Updates came in a figure – high-waisted gaucho-style trousers, with unconstructed jackets that were zoot-like in cut – and in a styling, ragged over T-shirts, or waistcoats, that seemed in leather, knits, tie-dye prints. The mood was primarily louche and, like a logo, 1980s in proportion; there was some-more than a sniff of Richard Gere in American Gigolo on display.

Elsewhere, Armani flipped notice over a purpose of an object of clothing, casting silky blouses as jackets and jackets as blouses. In a uncover notes, a engineer even suggested a suits be ragged “casually, on a beach”. Any queries over a practicality (for one, they supplement a whole additional covering of fabric) were quickly inside by a penultimate dual models who walked together, their jackets roughly totally open, with zero underneath.

Armani espadrille during Milan conform week men’s Photograph: Estrop/Getty Images

If logos during Fendi were a theme, they were as prophetic on a catwalk as they were off. As fans scrabbled for photos of K-pop stars in logo’d cross-body bumbags and buckets hats outside, inside a assembly were sated by a same aesthetic, with logos appearing on backs, jackets, tops, sleeves, and even sock toes.

Fendi has recently begun collaborating with artists, many memorably Sue Tilley in 2017. This deteriorate artistic executive Silvia Venturini Fendi worked with Italian multidisciplinary artist Nico Vascellari. Part of Italy’s hardcore punk scene, Vascellari went true for a jugular, branch “Fendi” into an anagram with a difference “amor” and “fiend” on neon lights during a finish of a catwalk, and on a pieces themselves.

Accessories are a many remunerative aspect of any oppulance house, in sold bags, and during Fendi they dominated. There were totes, bucket bags and clutches, weekend bags and bumbags ragged several opposite ways. Every indication carried one. Some carried two. Expect a Peekaboo X-Lite bag – a vast receptacle with a center support private – to be a amicable media fixture. The bags too shifted underneath a weight of aged logos and new ones, layered adult and even overlapping in a hyperbolic fashion.

A indication presents work by Fendi Photograph: Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA

The garments themselves played second fiddle, with a uncover records describing them accidentally as “easy staples”. Here, that meant brief shorts (another Milanese theme) alongside open garments suitable for rain. Transparent raincoats and anoraks were ragged with lane pants knitted polo shirts, and all came in a resisting palette that focused on red, black, white and brown.

Financially, a concentration on logos creates sense. The Armani organisation is Italy’s second-largest conform association (after Prada), though Armani’s plan in offered by a whopping 7 opposite lines has been underneath inspection (he now has three: Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and a reduce labelled Armani Exchange). Fendi, meanwhile, is attempting to justice a oft-mentioned millennial marketplace by rolling out a new logo, a double-F emblem, formed on a 1974 squared iteration. In turn, appendage sales during LVMH, a firm that owns Fendi, were reportedly adult roughly 20% for a whole of 2017.

Accessories are a many remunerative aspect of any oppulance house, and during Fendi they dominated Photograph: Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA

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