Marcolin Group launches dual transport sell disdainful sunglasses from Tom Ford – The Moodie Davitt Report

Eyewear association Marcolin Group has launched dual pairs of transport sell disdainful sunglasses from Tom Ford, a span for group and a span for women. The sunglasses are accessible in worldwide transport sell for one year.

The dual sunglasses underline Tom Ford’s signature T trademark in a front and come in dual graphic colours. The women’s character comes in a dull conformation with slope lenses, while a men’s character is an aviator-inspired support with a high bridge.

The launch is upheld by an in-store promotion debate and dedicated materials. 

FT0794H: The women’s character facilities a somewhat some-more delicate conformation and slope lenses in pinkish and blue

FT0795H: The men’s character is a pilot-inspired character with a heavier steel support and black and immature lenses

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