Marc Jacobs closes New York Fashion Week with a colorful outing to … somewhere

As is tradition, Marc Jacobs’ runway uncover sealed a central New York Fashion Week calendar here. And, usually as he has for as many seasons as we can remember, he presented his collection during a Park Avenue Armory, a stripped-back space so expanded that when a models initial seemed on a catwalk, a guest seated during a distant finish of a runway could see small some-more than colorful specks on a horizon.

As those specks came into focus, outsized silhouettes, splendid colors and farfetched floral patterns total to make a models seem like travelers from some lost outlandish locale, a feeling heightened by printed scarves wrapped and disfigured into soaring turbans (the handiwork of milliner Stephen Jones).

Jacobs didn’t bring any specific global/tribal impulse for a collection in a uncover notes, observant usually that a collection “is a re-imagining of seasons past somewhere over a civic landscape of New York City.”

“During a final few months while friends vacationed, we took a holiday in a heads and went somewhere,” review a notes, “twisting anticipation into existence by exaggerated, decadent and outlandish sportswear silhouettes.”

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