Man’s viral mugshot gets him requisitioned for conform week: ‘His demeanour is extraordinary’

(INSIDE EDITION) — From mugshots to glorious shots, one North Carolina man’s detain might have done him famous.

Mekhi Alante Lucky, whose detain print went viral in 2016,  has landed a agreement with Atlanta-based agency, St. Claire Modeling.

Lucky, who has one blue eye and one brownish-red due to a genetic condition heterochromia, is now set to travel in Fashion Week in New York this month.

“I saw his mugshot final year. His demeanour is extraordinary. we immediately found him interesting. we only didn’t know who he was,” Demanti O’Bryant, a owner St. Claire Modeling, told “Eventually we found him on Instagram and reached out.”

Lucky, 20, was arrested in Apr 2016 for allegedly possessing a stolen car and alluding arrest. He also has dual misconduct charges for interfering with puncture communications and facing an officer.

Lucky, who is 5-foot-10, now hasn’t nonetheless been convicted of any felonies, however, reports said.

O’Bryant motionless to fly Lucky out for a exam fire in July, that he pronounced went great.

“It went intensely good even yet it was his initial time in front of a veteran camera,” O’Bryant said.

O’Bryant pronounced he isn’t disturbed about Lucky’s past.

“He has a purify line-up with me. we haven’t had any problems with him,” he said. “He’s really attractive for a many part. For me, he acts like he has his conduct on true and he’s really open to training since it’s a whole lifestyle change. He is only interesting it all.”

Lucky might be following in a footsteps of “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks whose 2014 viral jail mughshot launched his career. Meeks has walked in conform week in New York and Milan. 

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