Man stole $20K value of Victoria’s Secret panties, resold products with fiancée’s help

The secret’s out — Coby Richardson was hidden and reselling Victoria’s Secret panties with a assistance of his fiancée Quinessia Jackson, military say.

From Nov to March, military pronounced Richardson stole some-more than $20,000 value of Victoria’s Secret underwear from a logistics association where he and Jackson worked.

When business make online purchases from Victoria’s Secret, a products are shipped from a Victoria’s Secret room to a private logistics association in Atlanta. Another private logistics association in Tallahassee retrieves a package from Atlanta, afterwards delivers it to USPS locations that broach a squeeze to customers.

Company officials beheld a trend in sell being mislaid in Tallahassee in January. During a investigation, a Atlanta logistics association found postings to sell and trade Facebook pages with photos of Victoria’s Secret underwear, according to justice records. Captions such as “panties 5 for $20” and “Pink Victoria Secret” accompanied a photos.

The photos showed a underwear in vast bags with “Victoria’s Secret” and large barcodes printed on them, that is usually for logistical use.

One of a people conducting a inner review interviewed 47-year-old Richardson, who worked during a logistics association in Tallahassee with Jackson, 29. Richardson told a male he stole about 400 pieces of mail, according to justice records. He also told him he was still on release after being recently expelled from jail after portion 20 years.

Richardson told military he stole sell reserved to him, Jackson and others. He afterwards resold a sell with a assistance of Jackson and another person. He pronounced he sole a packages around word of mouth to pointless people since he was “in a bind” and “needed some help.”

Tallahassee Police arrested a intent couple. Richardson was charged with grand burglary and traffic with stolen property. Jackson was charged with traffic in stolen property.

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