Man shot, another stabbed, nearby West Indian Day Parade track in Crown Heights – WABC

One male was shot, while another was stabbed, nearby a West Indian Day Parade Route in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The sharpened happened on Eastern Parkway between Brooklyn and New York avenues around 4:45 p.m. on Monday.

The 22-year-old plant was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical though fast condition with a gunshot wound to his torso. He is approaching to survive.

Then only mins later, a male was stabbed in front of 677 Eastern Parkway. That’s along a march route. It happened only before 5 p.m.
He was taken to Kings County Hospital where he is in fast condition.

“Nobody got killed, a integrate of them got hurt, though it was improved than final year,” a paradegoer said.

And that, this year, will have to do for good news during a West Indian Day Parade. Yes, one male was shot and another stabbed, though final year dual group were killed, and 4 were shot.

The NYPD had 300 some-more military officers reserved to a march this year. Bags were checked for ethanol and weapons. Not everybody favourite that.

“I know because they are doing it, though during a same time it kills a vibe,” a lady said.

“They only wish to make it a small bit safer, no one wants to finish it, we don’t wish to see it go,” a male said.

Whether it was final year’s assault or this year’s military presence, fewer people lined a track Monday.

Some pronounced that compared to years past:

“More pageantry, some-more splendour we have to contend reduction ensure rails, though we know it was a opposite universe afterwards and we contingency adjust to a changes,” a witness said.

“Not as many people on a highway definitely, a things that has happened in a past has kind of marred, though we know we’re carrying a good time,” a member said.

But there was still dancing and so many colorful costumes.

“I had a good time, we adore how everybody comes together,” a lady said.

Even as a march finished and a throng thinned out, military remained on a scene.

So far, there are no suspects and no arrests in possibly case.

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