Making Fun of Fashion, Onstage and in Song

While a ubiquitous timeline of Mr. Klein’s career is accurate, Mr. Raftery has reimagined Ms. Karan (played by Jess Watkins) as a cleaning lady/pawn who gets Svengalied by Mr. Klein into apropos a designer, to confuse Mr. Lauren (Miranda Noelle Wilson) with competition, so enabling Mr. Klein to build a bigger empire. In this chronicle of a story, it’s Mr. Klein’s thought to send Ms. Karan to Haiti, not for charitable reasons, yet to get a spell attract to conjuration Mr. Lauren.

None of that is true, of course, yet a uncover does rightly get her gusto for swathing herself in black, and her perspective of yoga as a cure-all for many ills. Also, a fact she and Mr. Klein are good friends.

Mr. Raftery is a small fairer to Mr. Lauren and Mr. Klein, yet not much. But he’s a charismatic presence, a songs are good (his chronicle of “Back to Black,” switching a difference to “I Go Right to White,” an paper to monochromatic allure, is quite catchy). It’s mostly honestly funny, if spasmodic wincing, and a indicate of a show, that competence be a many critical thing of all, is real: a heated stakes of carrying to be artistic on a schedule, and a approach it can make we crazy.

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