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Like many conform trends, a character pages in Madison Magazine altered by a decade.


Style and conform coverage remained a essential partial of a magazine’s calm in a early 2010s. Large conform spreads reappeared, and some-more coverage went to stylish Madisonians. Unlike a off-the-wall themed spreads from a ’80s, Pattern Play from May 2015 showed new open styles with backgrounds that finished a garments and accessories pop. 

Stylish Shayna

Shayna Mace was not creatively hired to do conform or character essay for a magazine, though a shoe fit for her to turn a proprietor character guru for scarcely 13 years. 

Starting as an novice in Dec 2003, she transitioned to partner editor in 2004 and after became character editor. Mace says she pitched to then-editor Brennan Nardi a thought to start a sell mainstay to supplement unchanging coverage of conform and character to a magazine.

“My idea was always to make Madison Magazine a go-to source for conform and character and pull a bounds of what could be finished and shown in a midsized Midwestern city,” Mace says.

Along with coordinating conform shoots, Mace combined “Style Sheet” to a magazine, a one-page widespread on trends. The “Window Shopping” column, that was renamed “Stylist” in Jun 2016, was Mace’s plan until she stopped essay for us in 2017. Madison Magazine’s sister association WISC-TV also ran segments featuring Mace as a character expert, seeking her to criticism on luminary awards deteriorate hits and misses as good as share internal conform tips, trends and merchandise.

“I’m still unapproachable of all of a spreads we’ve finished looking back,” Mace says. “We positively didn’t have a Vogue budget, so to me, a work we did — with not most money, really few people operative on it and only a vision — was really cool.”

For some-more on a 40th Anniversary of Madison Magazine, click here.

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