Macy’s is Introducing a Fashion Line Targeted to Muslim Women Featuring Hijabs

Macy’s has announced it is partnering with conform association Verona for a new Verona Collection. The “modest” line will underline hijabs, prolonged cardigans, and maxi dresses.

The Washington Post reports that Macy’s might not be a initial association to try and bond with a Islamic wardrobe market, yet they are a initial vital tradesman in a U.S. to support an whole line. Plus, a looks are presumably affordable with equipment going from $13 to $85, yet they are usually accessible online.

Sabiha Ansari, co-founder of a American Muslim Consumer Consortium, told a Post that a pierce might be a vigilance to other companies to embody Muslim women in their designs.


“It’s about time that this happened in a U.S.,” she said. “I wish that Macy’s sees an liquid in a bottom line, and that it encourages other retailers to start profitable courtesy to this demographic.”

Verona was founded by a conform photographer named Lisa Vogl, who converted to Islam and eventually upheld by a growth module combined by Macy’s to foster businesses helmed by minorities and women. She non-stop a store in Orlando in 2016, a “first Islamic-wear stores in a mainstream U.S. mall.” Macy’s is a large burst up, yet it will expected be all to a chain’s benefit. People don’t go to retailers like they used to and they need new buyers.

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