Lewinsky and Trump Shadow Bill Clinton on Book Tour

And given a race’s parsimonious final margins — Mr. Clinton rattled off some total from memory — he speculated that “maybe a Russians did have a wilful impact,” yet he pronounced a “sneeze could have tossed it.”

He and James Patterson pronounced one of a plots of their new novel, “The President Is Missing,” revolved around cybersecurity. Mr. Patterson pronounced a idea was to write “a beach review that also has some importance.”

As a first-time novelist, Mr. Clinton suggested that he was ravenous coverage of a book, generally a reviews.

“I’ve review all a reviews and everything,” he said, down to a details. He offering a visual counterpoint to one component that a reviewer tagged as unrealistic. “With all respect, that’s wrong,” Mr. Clinton said.

In a blue fit and blue tie, Mr. Clinton looked loose onstage with a wireless microphone in his hand, other than a moments he was asked about Ms. Lewinsky. The crowed booed questions on a topic.

Asked if he would apologize secretly to Ms. Lewinsky currently if she were in a room, Mr. Clinton replied, “If she were here now and we would pronounce to her, it wouldn’t be a private conversation.”

And asked if — given a #MeToo transformation spurred in a final year by passionate bungle by absolute group in politics, business and a media — he had reconsidered his interactions with Ms. Lewinsky as examples of passionate nuisance or exploitation of energy dynamics, he demurred again.

“I’ve pronounced all we have to say,” Mr. Clinton said, adding, “I’m not going there.”

The New York City assembly cheered.

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