Let Rihanna Be Your 2018 Style Guide

In 2014, Rihanna was awarded a Fashion Icon Award by a CFDA. In standard Rih fashion, she arrived in a see-through Adam Selman dress lonesome in crystals, after revelation Vogue that her usually bewail was not pairing a dress with a crystal-studded thong. If we suspicion that impulse was going to be a epitome of all things Rihanna, well, consider again.

Since that spin heralded a arise of a exposed dress, Rihanna has done a robe of presaging and conversion conform trends both on and off a red carpet. Her purpose as a character seer has done fanny packs, off-the-shoulder coats, and even, yes, huge wineglasses zeitgeist-y. With her Fenty x Puma line, she has pushed athleisure to new limits—remember that punk Marie Antoinette show?—and with her daily tide of Instagram selfies, she’s desirous a era to adopt lilac mistake fur and Molly Goddard dresses as their de facto uniform—or, during a really least, to wish that they could.

Doubtless, Rihanna knows she is Instagram’s premier character star, and she took to a height in 2017 to uncover off her extravagantly initial looks. It’s where she debuted her Gucci clear bodysuit (later ragged by Kim Kardashian West), her Goddard obsession, and her selected Chanel water-bottle holder, to name yet a few. The speed and immediacy of her Insta-looks make it easy for designers, other celebrities, and even us small mortals to collect adult on a trends and ideas Rihanna proposes. Yes, infrequently she’s compelling her possess Fenty x Puma or Fenty Beauty lines, yet some-more mostly she’s only displaying a vivaciously impassioned clarity of character that is worshipped nonetheless unfit to copy.

That’s not to contend people won’t try. With that in mind, we’ve dull adult a 5 trends Rihanna set in 2017. Remember these as we devise your 2018 wardrobe—others really will.

rihanna in princess dresses

The Princess Dress

Much of Rihanna’s early career was noted by an generous sexiness. She’s still a bad gal she always was, yet 2017 Rihanna had something some-more empowered, some-more rebellious about her. Last year, petty outfits took a behind chair to looks that shouted: Rihanna has arrived! Nowhere was her royal status some-more clear than on a red carpet, a place she found herself mostly interjection to her purpose in Luc Besson’s Valerian and her many product launches. In this realm, Rihanna’s longtime stylist, Mel Ottenberg, dressed her in saturated princess dresses in tulle and chiffon. Her aqua Molly Goddard number, ragged with sneakers, jump-started a lodge attention of knockoff tulle poufs, while her dark pinkish Giambattista Valli couture dress sparked an general reconstruction of pretty, girly frocks. You don’t need to demeanour distant to see her change either. The red runner during a Cannes Film Festival never saw some-more pastel princess frocks than final year. Destined to mount out, Rih wore a white robe and hang during Cannes with teeny Matrix-like sunglasses in white.

rihanna in boxy blazers

The Boxy Suit

If confidant shoulders vigilance energy and dominance, afterwards Rihanna’s ample jackets have set her adult to be a many absolute lady alive. Her many boxy blazers in 2017 were a approach come-back to her 2016 look, when she was frequency seen yet her cloak pulled off her shoulders to exhibit her collarbone. On that subject, let’s pierce to a subsequent trend . . .

rihanna off a shoulder shirts

The New Off-the-Shoulder

As each other luminary underneath a object adopts a coat-tugged-just-so look, Rihanna is elaborating her possess take on cold-shoulder dressing. Her new demeanour is some-more about shirting, with oversize dresses and jackets tugged behind with a collars flaring out, and reduction about a deshabille loungewear she wore in 2016. Many of a looks are in denim, pleasantness of her go-to designer, Matthew Adams Dolan. It’s substantially not a fluke that Dolan’s Fall 2017 collection featured a corseted denim coupler with an off-the-shoulder appeal, but, of course, in Rihanna’s playbook this is a character all a own.

rihanna in sweats and stilettos

Stiletto Leisure

While everybody on earth adopts athleisure as a approach of life, Rihanna is subverting a comfy-is-king playbook by pairing her sweatsuits with vixenish heels. She wore stiletto boots to a airport, and while out in New York, she chose crystal-embellished pumps. More will certainly follow in her well-clad footsteps, yet it’s critical to remember that this one of Rihanna’s looks does have a precedent. On Sex and a City, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, done a robe of wearing Manolo Blahniks with her many impassioned loungewear—and we know Rih is a fan. When she announced her Blahnik collab, she told Vogue she schooled of a cobbler extraordinaire “from an part of Sex and a City.”

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Staying Hydrated

If 2016 was a year of Rihanna’s wineglass, 2017 was a year of her H2O bottle—at slightest according to her Dec post with Chanel’s 1994 water-bottle holster. The final time that was in style, it was being hold by surly abounding lady Amber in Clueless. If anyone can move it back, it’s Rih.

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