Latest Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award Winner Designed Shoes Made From Salvaged Materials

Kenneth Cole, along with a Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), has named a third annual leader of the Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award. Susan Zienty, a San Francisco Academy of Art University connoisseur student, will take home a esteem during a CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday in New York for her portfolio formed on a collection patrician Adolescent Anonymous, that is dictated to prominence a beauty that can be found within a encourage caring system.

“Susan has a complicated pattern aesthetic, that is a healthy element to a brand,” Cole said. “She is impressively ardent about a matrimony of business with amicable responsibility, that has been a long-standing member of a goal during Kenneth Cole. Susan understands a significance of regulating a business height to encourage not only a complicated chronicle of what one stands in, though also what it stands for.”

Zienty drew impulse from her knowledge in a encourage caring element to pattern a collection done with stout platforms and retard heels representing a encourage child’s need for a clever support system. Moreover, she encased salvaged materials and changed stones within a other substances in memory of her amatory attribute with her longest-lasting encourage sister.

“Receiving this year’s Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award, in partnership with a CFDA, is an fulfilment that has been over my imagination. The portfolio that we submitted is formed on a collection that commemorates, celebrates and unveils a surpassing beauty that can emerge from hardship in a encourage caring system,” Zienty said.

“I am shamed that a plan like this has been famous by Kenneth Cole, a tellurian conform code that is ardent about marrying character and amicable consciousness, and a CFDA, an classification we have always hold in high regard. we am so looking brazen to fasten a Kenneth Cole group and commencement my brotherhood in New York.”

This year’s preference cabinet enclosed Cole; Sara Kozlowski, a CFDA’s executive of preparation and veteran development; Aki Choklat, chair and associate highbrow during a College for Creative Studies; Kristy Caylor, CEO of Cerci; Sarah Blair, comparison vice president of DMM Women’s Accessories during Barneys New York; and Sam Broekema, accessories executive during InStyle magazine.

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