Kylie x Jordyn by Kylie Cosmetics – Everything You Need to Know …

Less than dual months ago Kylie Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods reliable that they were operative on a collab for Kylie Cosmetics, and they usually announced that they’ll be divulgence a collection today. So before a large drop, here’s all that we need to know about a KYLIE X JORDYN makeup line:

They’ve been operative on it for YEARS

Last night, Kylie and Jordyn teased a suggested with relating Instagrams of themselves in extraordinary glittery outfits that, TBH, we would also like to buy from them. In Jordyn’s post, she reminded us that they have been perfecting a makeup in a collab for years (she also mentioned it at BeautyCon, where she initial announced a line), so we know it’s going to be good!

It’s been a labor of love

In Kylie’s chronicle of a post, she says that a collab is unequivocally special to her, and that operative on a collection with her BFF “has been so most fun” and that she’ll “cherish a memories forever!”

The wrapping is, of course, an picture of a BFFs

Who improved to be on a wrapping of KYLIE x JORDYN than, well, Kylie and Jordyn? Kylie Cosmetics posted a first-look during a make-up on their Insta stories, and it looks like it’s lonesome with an painting of a dual of them.

The line will go on sale Sep 21

The collab will be accessible starting Sep 21, aka in 6 days—and we have this billboard to infer it:

Update 4:17pm: Kylie suggested a equipment in a collection, and it looks SO GOOD. Here’s a new info:

The artist behind a wrapping is named Hayden Williams

You can see some-more of his work on his Instagram @hayden_williams.

The collection consists of dual mouth glosses, a lipstick, a pulpy powder palette, and a mini highlighter palette

Kylie says that all of a makeup is “fall inspired” and that a mouth glosses are “brand new.”

The pulpy powder palette is hella pretty

Kylie common mixed cinema of a new colors in her Instagram story:

The highlighter powder looks additional glowy

The mini palette has 4 shades that all demeanour sensuous AF:

The lipglosses do not disappoint

Here are a colors, called “23” and “Partners in Crime”:

And here is Jordyn displaying “23”:

The lipstick looks like a must-have

It’s named “Woods” and looks like *such* a graceful color:

Ugh it’s all so pretty! Now a usually doubt is:

More fadluv ...

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