Kylie Jenner’s Wildest Feuds With Makeup Artists: Jeffree Star, Vlada Haggerty & More

Kylie Jenner has fast turn a cosmetic icon, though on her approach to a tip she’s done a few enemies with associate makeup gurus!

Kylie Jenner, 20, positively has The Midas Touch when it comes to makeup. Her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, was an present success a impulse it launched, and now it’s value an startling $420 million. So crazy, right? And nonetheless many fans are praising a sovereignty she’s built, not everybody is too happy about her success. In fact, some trust a reason behind a line’s wealth is due to a fact that Kylie copies other brands. Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty sued a makeup noble in 2016 for allegedly hidden her work, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

When Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection dropped, Vlada suspicion her debate looked too tighten to a makeup demeanour she combined in a past. Both shoots featured bullion embellished hands and red lips. The similarities were too clever to deny! A lot of Vlada’s constant supporters forked out a similarities, that eventually led to a extensive authorised battle. The play came to an astonishing hindrance when Kylie Instagrammed Vlada’s strange print with a caption,” Check out this moving sketch from @juliakuzmenko and @vladamua.” It’s misleading either or not Vlad went any serve with a suit, though following Kylie’s post Vlada’s photographer Julia Kuzmenko took to amicable media to explain the emanate was revolved. We’re blissful to see Kylie gave a credit Vlada and her group deserved.

However, this wouldn’t be a final time Kylie would find herself in prohibited H2O with a makeup artist. On Feb. 28, YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star took to Twitter to exhibit that Kylie Jenner’s group had removed him from their PR list as a product reviewer. “Just for a record, we could caring reduction about removing giveaway products… we buy anything we have ever wanted to examination that we guys have told me about. we deposit a lot into my channel and this only pristine comedy to me. we adore when we pronounce a law about a product, and afterwards we get removed…” Jeffree said. Turns out, Jeffree got a foot for giving Kylie Cosmetics bad ratings. For those of we who don’t remember, a outspoken makeup artist bashed Kylie’s products for being too costly and claimed a brushes were done of animal hair. So, nonetheless Jeffree is entitled to his opinion, we can arrange of know because he was let go.

Take a demeanour by a gallery above to see some-more of Kylie’s feuds with other makeup artists!

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