Kylie Jenner’s beauty evolution, from child sister on Keeping Up With a Kardashians to makeup mogul

We’ve watched Kylie Jenner grow from fresh-faced tween on Keeping Up with a Kardashians to designer behind one of a many successful makeup brands on a market. She might have started out as a youngest sister of a Kardashian-Jenner crew, yet she became a cocktail enlightenment idol in her possess right. And it’s not usually her celebrity that’s developed over a years—her beauty and character have, too.

Kylie is famous for her lips—she explained the reason she got mouth injections during a immature age, and recently embraced her healthy lips on Instagram. The 20-year-old has attempted out many opposite hairstyles and colors; from pinkish wigs to charmer immature hair to a gold blonde bob, she’s finished it all, and it’s been a pleasure to see her examination with her look.

Let’s take a travel down memory line and check out Kylie Jenner’s beauty expansion by a years.


When we initial held adult with Kylie in a early years of KUWTK, she was a fresh-faced beauty. We can’t get over her freckles, either!


Kylie was still a pre-teen in 2008, yet we can see that she was starting to rise her possess clarity of style.


For this event, Kylie combined a hold of eyeliner, blush, and mouth gloss. This is where she started to play with makeup a bit more.


At a Burlesque premiere, Kylie wore a lot some-more makeup than she did in prior years. She had a hazed eye, filled in her brows, and combined some-more heat and bronzer to finish off her look.


The age of contouring was going strong, interjection to Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian. You can see that Kylie’s makeup was really on-trend.


All eyes were on Kylie’s confidant red lip, poppin’ highlight, and prolonged lashes.


Kylie attended a premiere of Justin Bieber’s documentary with a glam nonetheless infrequent look. She really has those fluttery Kardashian-style lashes.


Who can forget Kylie’s dip-dyed teal hair demeanour during a Billboard Music Awards? Aside from her eye-catching hair, she had a comparatively understated makeup look.


Kylie opted for a bold, matte mouth and that Kardashian contour. This would eventually turn her signature look.


We have a feeling that when Kylie attended a Diamond Ball in 2015, she was personally sporting a Kylie Cosmetics mouth kit. Posie K, anyone?


Once Kylie Cosmetics done a debut, a existence star started personification adult her lips a lot more. She kept them matte nonetheless soothing and plush.


It’s not mostly that Kylie goes goth, yet when she does, it’s a delight. She showed off her Dead of Knight glass lipstick and done everybody burst on a black mouth bandwagon.


Kylie stole a uncover during New York Fashion Week with her long platinum blonde hair.


Once Kylie Cosmetics took off, a existence star began focusing on her mouth and skin game. She opted for eyeliner-free makeup looks and usually combined a hold of shade and fluttery lashes.


This nude-mauve mouth has turn partial of Kylie’s signature look.


We adore her soothing pinkish lips, elementary eye makeup, and fresh-faced skin.


We got a singular demeanour during Kylie but a full beat, and we were reminded of her heavenly freckles.


Kylie looked like an fragile enchantress during a Met Gala. With her brief blonde hair shining, a star’s eye makeup is a boldest partial of her look. We adore that she kept a rest of her makeup elementary and girly.


Once Kylie Cosmetics started releasing eyeshadow palettes, a existence star began to play adult her eyes. In this picture, she combined a lot some-more shadow and threw on confidant lashes.


Kylie’s spin on a monochromatic demeanour is always voluptuous and glamorous, even when a colors are comparatively bare or peachy.


Is it usually us, or is Kylie giving us vital Kourtney vibes here?


We adore Kylie in a burning lip, and this orangey-red shade is as prohibited as can be.


In 2018, Kylie deviated from her signature character and opted for a some-more healthy look. Her Met Gala makeup is explanation of that.


Kylie let her blue hair do all a articulate during Coachella.


Kylie has embraced a fresh-faced demeanour in new months, and this soft, light-winged shade is a ideal brew of glorious and ease.


Kylie chose soft, baby pinkish makeup that done her skin glow.


Even yet Kylie has left for some-more resigned makeup lately, she brought behind her burning mouth tone for this summer look.

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