Kylie Jenner Explains How She Changed Stormi’s Name during a Last Minute

Kylie Jenner recently sat down for her first-ever YouTube partnership with beauty guru and Covergirl’s initial masculine spokesmodel James Charles on his channel, and discussed some-more than only makeup. In a relaxed, conversational interview, Charles paints a Halloween makeup demeanour onto Jenner while they report about Kylie Cosmetics, rumors, fame, and all things baby Stormi—including how her singular name came to be.

Charles initial asks Jenner about her and Travis Scott’s eight-month aged daughter Stormi Webster. “She’s only changing each day,” a first-time mom replies. “She’s unequivocally only apropos a small person. She reminds me a lot of Kendall.”

Does this meant that she’s prepared to have more? “I do wish to have more,” she tells Charles. “But when is a question.” She also pronounced that she wants to give Stormi a sister. “Like, we wish 7 girls and afterwards like maybe I’ll cruise a boy.”

They afterwards altered on to deliberating her daughter’s one-of-a-kind moniker, that Jenner insists was her idea, not Scott’s. “It was me! we remember a whole thing though he swears he done her name up,” she says.

The beauty noble continued, “I was only looking on inlet names, like weather-earth inspired, Storm was on there, though we was like, we kind of wish an ‘ie’ like me. So afterwards we did ‘Stormie.’ It was always Stormie… and afterwards we didn’t entirely chose her name, we wanted to have like a week of only me and her to see if we wanted to change it.”

“When they called me from a birth certificate bureau and we was finalizing a name. we was like S-t-o-r-m-i…Literally, right afterwards and there we only altered it to an ‘i.’ And they were like ‘Okay.’ we hung adult a phone and we was like, damn, we theory that’s her name!” Jenner reveals.

Jenner also gives a singular behind-the-scenes demeanour during her other “baby,” Kylie Cosmetics, and how hands-on she is with her billion-dollar empire.

“I get unequivocally vehement about things, we work for a unequivocally prolonged time, we work unequivocally tough on it. we put so most adore into everything. And I’m 100% concerned in formulating a packaging. If we wish this small thing mark shimmer or we wish this lead material, what kind of card is used…I tell my engineer what we wish to see on a rendering,” she says. “I’m only unequivocally involved, so afterwards when we finally uncover people and they get vehement about it, it creates me unequivocally excited.”

Jenner’s latest collection is Halloween themed and drops this Friday on

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