Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy and Birth of Baby Girl on Instagram

While we approaching for Kylie Jenner to use a Kardashian family’s annual Christmas label to confirm whether a successor to the Kylie Cosmetics empire would make their attainment in 2018, Kylie — and momager Kris Jenner, of march — had other plans!

On Sunday, Kylie took to Instagram to (finally!) announce both her pregnancy and a birth of her “beautiful and healthy baby girl,” who arrived progressing this week on Thursday, Feb. 1. In an romantic video destined by Tyler Ross and concomitant Instagram statement, a 20-year-old cosmetics noble apologized for veering from tradition and gripping her 101 million-plus supporters on a height “in a dark” for a final 9 months. She remarkable that “my pregnancy was one we chose not to do in front of a world,” adding: “I knew for myself we indispensable to ready for this purpose of a lifetime in a many positive, stress-free and healthy approach we knew how.” Finally, she wrote that “pregnancy has been a many beautiful, lenient and life-changing experience” she’s had in her lifetime, also thanking her friends and family for gripping her pregnancy as private as possible. You can review her full matter below:

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