Kylie Cosmetics’ Jordyn Woods Lip Kit Is Here & Your Bestie Could Never

If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner, there’s a good possibility we know who Jordyn Woods is. The indication is a best crony of a Kylie Cosmetics creator, and formed on amicable media, they’re most inseparable. It creates sum clarity that a Kylie Cosmetics’ Jordyn Woods mouth pack would finally be entrance from a brand. After all, Jenner has worked with sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian as good as mom Kris. Now, it’s Woods’ turn.

If you’re not informed with a model, she worked with successful and distance for conform brands like ASOS and is a visit partial of Jenner’s amicable media presence. Plus, she was enclosed in Jenner’s baby Stormi proclamation video with Woods divulgence that she was indeed with Jenner when she took her pregnancy test. Clearly, these dual are have a critical bond. Now, they share a mouth kit.

According to Jenner’s Instagram account, she’s rising 4 new mouth pack shades with her Kylie Cosmetics brand. Two of them are indeed relaunching of former shades in comparison collections (Red Velvet and All Nighter), nonetheless dual are code new, and one of them is named Jordy after Woods. The same is a beautiful cold red shade that is indeed in Jenner’s velvet formula, not her classical matte.

Woods isn’t alone in removing her possess mouth kit, though. A few days ago, Jenner announced that another tighten friends of hers would also be removing her possess shade. The Kylie Cosmetics owner is tighten with her partner Victoria Villarroel, who is also featured in her baby proclamation video and was also benefaction when Jenner detected she was pregnant. Jenner also helped Villarroel get engaged behind in 2016. Clearly, this is a loyalty and not usually an employer and worker relationship.

As for Villarroel’s shade, it’s also a beautiful cold red, and Jenner even mentions in her Instagram story that it’s a sister shade to Woods’ lippie. However, distinct Woods’ Jordy, Villarroel’s Victoria mouth kit is a classical Kylie Cosmetics matte formula.

As for when you’ll be means to obstacle a new Jordyn Woods desirous mouth pack and a Villarroel lippies, they’ll be entrance to a Kylie Cosmetics website on Jun 1 during 3pm PT. If cold toned reds are your jam, you’re in luck. Not usually do we not have prolonged to wait to emporium a new kits, nonetheless with such similiar colors, we can most collect that regulation is right for you: velvet or matte.

While Woods nor Villarroel combined a collection with Jenner, her code is still famous for honoring her friends and family with a lipstick names. Like her best crony and her assistant, Jenner’s grandmother Mary Jo has a shade named after her. While sister Khloe Kardashian does have collections with a brand, KoKo K also seems to be named after her as well. Then, of course, there’s a shade named for her niece Penelope Disick. Plus, her possess daughter Stormi has an whole Weather Collection inspired by her. Clearly, Jenner’s code is deeply personal and as such, so are her shade names.

As for a cost of a mouth kits, they clearly won’t change from a stream prices listed on a brand’s website. As of press time, matte mouth kits sell for $29 and velvet mouth kits cost $27.

If we wish to applaud Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods’ loyalty by purchasing a new Jordy mouth kit, it’ll be adult for grabs super soon. Hey, because not even squeeze one for your possess bestie? Mark your calendar for Jun 1 if we wish to emporium nonetheless another enlargement of Jenner’s ever flourishing cosmetics empire.

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