Kylie Cosmetics is Retweeting Makeup Tutorials with K-Pop Music

On any given day, Kylie Jenner‘s Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and Twitter accounts post a lot of makeup tutorials. While these clips are customarily flattering hypnotizing and hoard copiousness of likes, comments, and retweets, there isn’t a whole lot to contend about them (unless, of course, a Internet decides a demeanour has been stolen from someone else, that is a whole other story). Recently, though, Kylie has been reposting tutorials of people regulating her products that have been set to K-Pop music, and people are equal tools confused, critical, and vehement about it.

As BuzzFeed initial forked out, behind on Feb 20, a Kylie Cosmetics comment reposted a educational of her Crème lipsticks that someone had done and set to Exo’s “Lotto.” The code followed that adult on Mar 4 on Instagram with a repost of a Velvet Lip Kit educational set to NCT U’s new song, “Boss.” Then, on Mar 6, they reposted an eye palette video that featured a strain “Bonnie and Clyde” by Dean. All of these are obvious K-Pop hits, and fans were discerning to collect adult on this not-so-secret pattern.

View on Instagram

View on Instagram

But, of course, that wasn’t a finish of a explanation on Kylie’s apparent adore of K-Pop. Some fans desired that Kylie was pity videos that had K-Pop in them.

Others called her out for regulating a strain as a selling ploy:

And some were only repelled that their fave loves their other faves:

Kylie Cosmetics has been a large strike all over a universe — it’s estimated that a association will be value a infrequent $1 billion by a year 2020 — so it wouldn’t be that startling if they are perplexing to support to a larger, some-more general audience. As BuzzFeed points out, a videos set to K-Pop have gotten significantly aloft rendezvous than similar, K-Pop-less tutorials on her page, so there might also be some arrange of selling talent behind a pattern. Nevertheless, given Kylie isn’t indeed a one creation a videos (they’re reposts from other amicable media users regulating her products), we can’t accurately call “K-POP STAN” on her only nonetheless . . . even nonetheless it is fun to suppose her and baby Stormi rocking out during home to BTS. Just saying.

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