Kennard, Ellenson tip Pistons Summer League checklist as they lapse to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – They’ll need to spend a small some-more time on introductions than typically, though a Pistons aren’t wasting most time removing down to business in a Dwane Casey era.

Casey’s newly announced hires – partner coaches Sidney Lowe and Sean Sweeney and actor growth manager D.J. Bakker – are approaching to run a two-a-day practices that start currently and go by Thursday, followed by 3 games in 4 days of a NBA Summer League. They’ll be introducing themselves to a new expel of players and installing a new playbook with new vernacular as a Pistons – after spending a final 7 summers in Orlando – lapse to Las Vegas along with all 29 other NBA teams.

  • Pistons 2018 Summer League Roster

    The team’s final dual No. 1 picks, Henry Ellenson and Luke Kennard, and 2018 second-rounders Khryi Thomas and Bruce Brown are a headliners of a Summer League roster, that also includes Reggie Hearn, sealed during final deteriorate to a two-way contract. Keenan Evans, who went undrafted after a flashy career during Texas Tech, is also reported to have concluded to a two-way agreement with a Pistons final week.

    All though Ellenson of a 6 pivotal Summer League players male fringe positions, that will substantially foreordain their character of play. Expect a lot of three-guard offenses with common ballhandling and playmaking responsibilities.

    Here’s a demeanour during a expected checklist of equipment Casey, front bureau executive Ed Stefanski and their staffs will be focused on over a subsequent dual weeks in a desert:

  • Expanding Luke Kennard’s descent shortcoming – Stan Van Gundy’s staff debated a merits of regulating Kennard during indicate ensure though never committed to a possibility. Stefanski and Casey have both alluded to removing some-more out of Kennard, so given that enterprise – in further to a combination of a Summer League register – it wouldn’t be during all startling to see Kennard used as a primary half-court playmaker for extended stretches. If Kennard is interconnected with one or both of a rookies, Thomas and Brown, they could move a round opposite half-court and afterwards let Kennard run a offense from there.
  • Exploring a gains done by Henry Ellenson over his initial dual seasons – No one should feel any some-more released by a coaching change than Ellenson. Stefanski and Casey sent shrill signals that they’re open to being won over by Ellenson, who isn’t expected to have giveaway representative Anthony Tolliver as a roadblock to a mark in a revolution in 2018-19. One thing to gauge: a strength gains Ellenson has done given a deteriorate finished and how that improves his parallel agility. The singular biggest reason Van Gundy defaulted to Tolliver over Ellenson was a latter’s problem in staying in front of ballhandlers when he got held in pick-and-roll switches. Even incremental strides in that area will make it some-more savoury for Casey to keep Ellenson on a building to divert a descent mismatches he can exploit.
  • Gauging a willingness of a rookies – Thomas and Brown both come to a Pistons with a pedigrees of rookies prepared to minister earlier than later. They’ll any be 22 by a time training stay opens, they’re both physically mature as certified by their strength measurements during a NBA breeze mix and they both arrive with deserved reputations as hard-nosed competitors with a defensive bent. At a really least, they should make regular-season practices some-more competitive. Beyond that, Summer League will be a initial indications of what they can turn offensively. Thomas has been a unchanging 3-point shooter over his Creighton career while Brown competence have a destiny during indicate ensure given his support totals over dual years during Miami.
  • Getting a hoop on Evans’ NBA intensity – Evans was remarkably prolific in a Big 12, deliberate college basketball’s tip discussion final season, earning first-team all-conference honors. He’s got distance and a scorer’s mentality, maybe best evidenced by his 6.7 free-throw attempts per diversion as a senior. If a Pistons select not to practice their choice on Dwight Buycks’ contract, Evans could be in a using for a No. 3 indicate ensure purpose and, perhaps, betterment to a unchanging register spot.
  • Searching for a plain in a severe – The Pistons brought Eric Moreland to Summer League a year ago in Orlando with a goal of assessing either to distribute one of a newly combined two-way contracts to him. Before they’d played their initial Summer League game, administration motionless Moreland was over a two-way agreement and offering him a three-year understanding with several group options built in. Moreland wound adult violence out Boban Marjanovic to turn Andre Drummond’s primary backup and valid a plain defender and a organic descent player. Coming divided with another such find would be a win for a new front office.
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