Keds And Kate Spade Just Launched A Line Of Wedding Sneakers

If you’ve been a bride, or heck, even usually been in a wedding, we know how worried it can be for your feet. Walking and dancing all night — in heels! — is pristine woe if we don’t have a right span of shoes.

Sure, there are some flattering lovable pairs of flats we can wear to compare your dress instead. But a ultimate in comfort is a reliable ol’ sneaker. And luckily for we if there’s a large eventuality entrance up, Keds and kate scoop new york have teamed adult to offer a line of marriage sneakers.


As someone who is shortly to be matron-of-honor in a marriage this open (and doesn’t have her boots yet!), a Keds x kate scoop new york partnership looks seriously amazing to me. The sneakers come in possibly lace-up or slip-on and with glitter, leather, crystals, pearls, flowers or polka dots. Who would have suspicion sneakers could demeanour so elegant?

Prices operation from $80 to $120, though distinct fancier marriage shoes, your contingency of wearing these again are substantially a lot higher. Just sayin’! And another reward is that with usually 6 styles to select from, it’ll cut down on a violent volume of time it takes to find that “perfect” wedding-worthy shoe.


Here’s a closer demeanour during a Keds x kate scoop new york styles:

Triple Decker Pearls, $120

The “Triple Decker Pearl” character is slip-on, with a one inch platform to give we a bit some-more height. If we wish to tinge it down on a pearl a bit, we could instead opt for a sneaker with “pearl foxing” for $85, that includes a lead board with pearlized height bottoms.

Triple Decker Crystals, $120

The “Triple Decker Crystal” character facilities 3 3D mill embellishments that will expected compare many hairpieces or jewelry. Keds explained a embellishments are “tiara-like,” so they are certain to supplement some glisten to a large day.

Triple Decker Flowers, $120

If we are in a some-more simplified wedding, maybe a “Triple Decker Flowers” character will fit we well. While they will supplement a bit of sparkle, a infancy of any 3D flower is white, so they’re some-more pointed than a lot of other marriage shoes. And we can for certain span them with a low-key dress for a reduction grave event.

Triple Glitter, $90

These are so sparkly! The “Triple Glitter” Style comes with dual options for laces —ribbon for events and normal laces for bland wear. You can also get these in slip-ons for a same price. These usually come in a tone “cream,” though if we need some-more variety, simply get a “Champion Glitter” for $85. The usually disproportion is a one in. platform, though we can choose from 10 colors like red, low cherry, black or gold!

Champion Leather, $90

The “Champion Leather” style comes in 5 colors, from lead rose gold, rose dew pinkish and, of course, cream. These boots come with dual options for laces: unchanging string ones or grosgrain, if you’re being fancy.

Champion, $80

The “Champion” shoe facilities “pristine dancing dot,” that is usually a lovable wedding-themed name for polka dots! The options are white with china dots, white with black dots, or black with white dots. No matter that character we choose, these are elementary though quirky!

This new Keds x kate scoop new york partnership is good news for spousal parties and brides alike! Which span is your favorite?

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