K1nzell, Atlantis Mitro Top Plays, Week 5 Fortnite Summer Skirmish Prize Money

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Twitch K1nzell and Atlantis Mitro sealed out Week 5 of a Fortnite Summer Skirmish by scoring 44 points opposite 8 matches Saturday to constraint a $75,000 first-place esteem as winners of a King Pin tournament.

The twin of Twitch Kejser and Octagon Severin also posted 44 points though fell brief on tiebreakers, earning only one Victory Royale, while K1nzell and Mitro won dual matches. Kejser and Severin warranted $60,000 for entrance in second.

Xypher TesquoTTV and Xypher Snafuu warranted $50,000 for third place by putting 40 points on a scoreboard. No other group scored some-more than 29.

K1nzell and Mitro join NotVivid and Liquid Poach, who won Friday’s event, as a Week 5 champions.

They done an evident matter en track to a Victory Royale in a opening compare and never relinquished control, adding to their advantage with another delight in a fourth game.

Kejser and Severin roughly pulled off a large quip in a final compare interjection to their triple reward for winning a prior game. They came adult one rejecting brief of leading a leaders, however, and a tiebreaker fell in preference of K1nzell and Mitro.

Here’s a demeanour during some of Saturday’s tip moments:

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish, that covers 8 weeks with $8 million in sum esteem money, earnings for Week 6 subsequent Friday and Saturday. Further details, including a format and purse breakdown, will be announced Thursday.   

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