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Yeezys, these are not.

John Mayer — a male who GQ repository seems to consider is a character star because he hand-washes his possess T-shirts — has designed a span of sneakers. And they’re really, unequivocally boring.

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter debuted his origination on his Instagram page on Saturday: a customized span of Nike Air Max 90s, in snoozy gray tones with slivers of neon-green froth in a heels nearby a soles. The shoes, dubbed “Spirit Levels,” will be expelled on Jul 29, according to a ’gram.

A post common by johnmayer (@johnmayer) on Jul 22, 2017 during 6:00pm PDT

Unlike other celeb-designed sneakers, Mayer has not strictly teamed adult with Nike to recover these shoes. He designed his tradition kicks regulating NikeID, a height that allows fans to emanate their possess Nikes, and afterwards bought each span a association would sell him, according to GQ. He told a men’s repository that they will be on offer around his Shopify page “just for fun.” (No word on pricing yet.)

It’s too bad a sneakers aren’t as “fun” as a concept. Say what we will about Kanye West, though during slightest he put out a shoe that was different-looking and singly his own. Mayer’s is only a tweaked chronicle of a classic, finished in a many simple colors.

A reminder: Anyone with adequate money, celebrity and ego can turn a engineer — though that doesn’t meant they’re any good during it.

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