Jimmy Choo’s Sandra Choi on how her grandfather’s post bag desirous her new collection

Jimmy Choo’s artistic executive Sandra Choi on her stylish grandfather and his change on her new collection

This is an picture that we grew adult with; it’s my grandfather in his postman uniform with his reliable post bag, in 1950s Hong Kong. As children, my sister and we lived there with my grandparents, and my Grandpa Li was always really unapproachable to offer Queen and nation and a British Empire, as it was during that time. For days out, we’d even take a Star Ferry opposite to a aged General Post Office building; that’s how most honour he took in his work. The Governor of Hong Kong eventually gave him an endowment for his many years of service.

My grandfather’s proceed to dress has always been really smart; even today, during 93, he walks around a park in a frail shirt and jacket. we remember that drifting was a genuine arise for my grandparents – there was nothing of a slouchy loungewear we see now; both incited out in their Sunday best for a moody that could final 14 hours; shirt and tie, frilly dresses for us girls, a lot. Something about that generation’s clarity of character was only pristine, though what struck me about

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