Jimmy Choo Just Changed a Winter Shoe Game Forever with Heated Snow Boots

It’s not mostly a universe of high-fashion takes functionality into comment (how am we ostensible to demeanour lovable in an oversize parka and bike shorts?), though when it does, it feels so right.

Take, for example, Jimmy Choo’s new exhilarated “Voyager” sleet boots. There’s no need to scapegoat a reserve of toes for a consequence of conform with these bad boys. Why? Well, they promulgate with your intelligent phone and keep those tootsies dry and friendly in all sorts of terrible weather. 

Using an app, a water-resistant boots can be exhilarated from 77 degrees to 113 degrees for adult to 8 hours. And when they run out of battery, they can be charged by a dark USB pier behind a behind collar.

These diversion changers are now accessible for pre-order and come in white, black and navy ($1,795 to $1,895).

Extravagant? Yes. But let’s be honest, it’s freaking frozen out there.

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