Jenna Johnson Tries on Reception Gowns on Say Yes to a Dress: we Want to ‘Feel Fun and Girly’

Jenna Johnson knows what she likes — and dislikes.

In a hide demeanour from Saturday’s premiere of Say Yes to a Dress, a Dancing with a Stars pro, 25, searches for a ideal accepting dress for her marriage to now-husband Val Chmerkovskiy.

In a clip, Johnson tries on a long-sleeve robe with floral embroidery.

“I like this dress since of a sleeves and I’m indeed meddlesome in a tinge of a dress,” she says. “It’s indeed a small bit darker than common than a common white marriage dress.”

But when Johnson stairs out to uncover her family — she brought along her mom Tammy, tighten family crony Stacy, mother-in-law Larissa and sister-in-law Peta Murgatroyd — she admits she’s not totally sole on a gown.

Jenna Johnson | Jenna Johnson

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“I feel pleasing in this one,” she says. “I don’t feel as like, wow impulse as a initial one, though we do adore how superb and pleasing this is.”

And her family also have a few concerns of their own.

“I like a other one better,” her mom says.

“Call me crazy, though we consider it ages you,” Murgatroyd adds.

Ultimately, Johnson decides it’s not a dress for her.

“I wish to feel fun and girly,” she says. “I’m holding it off!”

Of course, fans know Johnson eventually did contend “yes” to a dress!

Jenna Johnson

She formerly opened adult about a knowledge to PEOPLE, observant she wanted a “timeless and classic” dress for a celebration apportionment of her nuptials.

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“Before even looking for my dress, we knew we wanted something undying and classic. we wanted something that we felt assured and pleasing in. we didn’t wish to demeanour like a princess —  we wanted to demeanour like a queen!” she said.

She added, “I am so sanctified to be means to have beautiful dresses done for me each week on DWTS. So we also wanted to be certain that we didn’t get anything that felt like a dress or ballroom dress.”

Duke Images

“Ironically enough, a initial dress we attempted on was a one. we had picked it out while looking around and we only knew it was singular and something we would adore to wear,” she said.

And Johnson wore a dress during her April wedding to Chmerkovskiy. The dual tied a tangle in a regretful rite unaware a sea during the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palo Verdes, California.

Say Yes to a Dress premieres Jul 20 during 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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