Jeffree Star’s Tweets About Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Brushes …

Remember when a usually obsess-worthy thing surrounding Kylie Jenner was about when a restocking of her Posie mouth pack would happen? Sigh, easier times. One makeup guru is not vouchsafing Kylie Cosmetics off a offshoot so simply given of a measly reported pregnancy. Jeffree Star’s tweets about Kylie Jenner’s makeup brushes are still happening, and they are holding over Twitter.

The whole conditions started when Kylie Cosmetics stretched into some-more areas of a makeup universe by producing concealers, lipsticks, and (of course) makeup brushes. Jenner launched a Silver Series in Dec and it was pressed with chrome-plated products that are a makeup lover’s dream. There were 20 opposite lipsticks and 30 shades of concealer to select from. While a lipsticks and concealers strike a tolerably reasonable cost point, a 16-piece brush set had many of a jaws on a floor. The whole collection sits during a whopping $360. Oh, and we get a brush hurl carrying case. With an normal cost of $22.50 per brush (keep in mind, many of a particular brushes are a lot some-more costly than that), fans were really heartbroken. Enter Jeffree Star.

Never fearful to ask an honest question, a YouTuber came tough during Jenner with some concerns about a vast cost point. The initial twitter Star sent out on Dec. 10 acted a regard that Kylie Cosmetics gave a really deceptive outline of what a brushes were done out of — that done a high cost indicate even some-more confusing. The twitter said,

When fans started to come to Jenner’s defense, Star continued,

Star positive fans that a brush examination would still be happening.

The makeup artist kept his word and done a full 25-minute examination of a makeup brush set. Star described a wrapping as “cheap,” and a YouTuber kept it “gangster” a whole time. A few of a Kylie Cosmetic brushes stood out, though altogether Star did not consider a collection was value $360.

Star’s reviews are always disturbingly honest given it’s never a paid endorsement, all opinions are his and he DGAF about Jenner’s PR list.

Star even indicted Kylie Cosmetics of… borrowing… some of his strange wrapping from 2014. The given deleted twitter on Dec. 10 said,

Dayummmm, a feign eyelashes are entrance off in a beauty world.

While Star spilled some flattering good tea about Kylie Cosmetics and a makeup attention in general, a beauty vlogger wasn’t utterly finished. Star took to Twitter on Jan. 7 to remind Kylie Cosmetics that fans have not lost about a brush set that nothing of us could afford. The twitter said,

Fans are still feeling a small tainted and weren’t fearful to share.

Jenner did respond to fans on Dec. 9 by explaining that a high cost is due to a fact that her brushes are done of genuine hair. She pronounced in a tweet,

Jenner perceived churned reviews from that tweet. Many fans live the, “if we can’t means it, too bad,” life, while others scolded Jenner for withdrawal out a large partial of her fan base.

Whether we were means to means Jenner’s brushes or would never dream of spending that kind of income on something like that — there’s really someone who agrees with we on Twitter. I’m certain Kylie is in a works to rise something a small some-more cost effective for fans that will be “Jeffree Star approved.” Fingers crossed.

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