Jackie Aina Reviews Kylie Cosmetics Concealer

Another day, another Kardashian Kontroversy: vlogger Jackie Aina has pragmatic that Kylie Jenner did not send samples of her Skin Concealer ($20) to vloggers of color.

A discerning recap: behind in December, Kylie Jenner announced that her namesake code would be dropping 30 shades of concealer. While some praised a tag for a pierce toward inclusivity, others indicted Kylie of pandering to people of color. There were also, predictably, allegations of Kylie “copying” Fenty’s 40 shades of foundation.

A month later, Jackie Aina expelled a examination of a Kon-cealer (sorry). At first, Jackie praised Kylie for attempting to variegate her line — “It’s never a bad thing to have expanded shade ranges like that,” she said. However, Jackie beheld something about Kylie’s selling plan that she wanted to discuss.

“I’m really extraordinary to know with her overdo and amicable media,” Jackie said. “[Kylie] went out of her approach to make these pleasing darker colors, though we didn’t see a singular chairman on YouTube outward of Shayla. . . reviewing these products.” She added, “I wish to see some reviews from some chocolate girls.”

She also remarkable that given Dec. 6, when Kylie first announced that she was releasing cover-up, she hasn’t posted any some-more cinema of POC wearing it. “It doesn’t make any clarity to me,” Jackie continued. “I kind of feel like [she] did all this work for zero and afterwards didn’t worry to send them to any coloured bloggers. It feels like holding dual stairs brazen to go 3 back.”

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