Jackie Aina Accused Kylie Cosmetics of Not Sending Products to Dark-skinned Vloggers

The latest rollout in Kylie Jenner‘s makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics hasn’t been though displeasure from fans and makeup artists alike. Since announcing her new makeup brushes and concealers, users have uttered their concerns over both a price and the product. And now, in a video posted to her YouTube, beauty vlogger Jackie Aina is doubt what she says is a miss of overdo to bloggers who aren’t white.

In the video, Jackie finished a full examination of Kylie’s new concealer before mentioning that she’s “curious” about a brand’s “outreach and amicable media.” She forked out that Kylie’s association “went out of your approach to make all these pleasing bottom quarrel concealers of darker colors, though we didn’t see a singular person, outward of Shayla, reviewing these products,” referring to MakeupShayla’s video. (The debate for a Silver Series concealers featured indication Jayla Alex wearing 5 opposite swatches of color, as good as several other models wearing opposite tones. Makeup blogger Nyma Tang also reviewed a concealers, though she records that she bought them.)

Jackie remarkable that she’s not on Kylie’s PR list for products, though pronounced she’s “not a usually black beauty guru out there.” She goes on to ask “some reviews from chocolate reviewers,” and asks “where are they?” in propinquity to other Internet reviews of a product.

The beauty vlogger afterwards corkscrew by Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and remarkable that given a concealer was announced on Instagram, really few cinema posted featured models that weren’t white. She pronounced that maybe it’s probable that Kylie Cosmetics did send a product to other beauty bloggers, though right now, she purported that Kylie “did all that work for zero when we have all these dim colors and you’re not promulgation them.” She finished a video by observant that her remarks aren’t meant to “take away” from Kylie’s release, though rather “those are only my thoughts.”

Teen Vogue has reached out to Kylie Cosmetics for criticism and will refurbish this story when we hear back.

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