Italy’s Bottega Veneta comes to New York Fashion Week

The Italian code Bottega Veneta done a entrance Friday during New York Fashion Week with a assistance of Gigi Hadid on a runway and Salma Hayek on a front row, skipping a normal culmination for models lounging on a set designed as a swanky apartment.

The association came to city for one deteriorate customarily (it customarily shows in Milan) to symbol a opening of a Maison flagship housewares and seat store on Madison Avenue. Hence, a company’s chairs, couches and other pieces churned with selected furnishings during a cavernous American Stock Exchange Building downtown.

On a runway, with Hayek assimilated in a throng by Julianne Moore and Priyanka Chopra, a association showed tumble and winter collections for both group and women, from floral silk pajamas estimable of lounging in such a space to a black velvet edging dress with solid cutouts for Hadid.

She assimilated a company’s artistic director, Tomas Maier, during a end.

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Bottega Veneta pronounced in uncover records that a building, in a Renaissance Revival character with Art Deco elements, was selected to showcase a company’s Italian roots and a New York entrance out.

Of his kaleidoscopic coats, animal prints for shirts and soothing dusk dresses, Maier pronounced he wanted to demonstrate a “real aplomb and boldness” of New Yorkers.

“Nothing stops them. Nothing seems impossible,” he said.

That meant, for some of his models, a hold of fur and some soothing dusk dresses in satin and silk. But it was some of a group who scored big. One walked in a splendid orange fit and another in a hipster plaid purple coupler with a tiger imitation behind collar. Still another had on comfy black loafers over yellow socks, wearing narrow-cut black trousers interconnected with cloak of many colors (green, yellow, red and gray among them) in a confidant geometric design.

These unit loungers contingency eventually strike a New York City streets. There were poppy nap jackets, kaleidoscopic shearling coats and cashmere sweaters for that. Maier didn’t forget a fee this petrify jungle mostly takes on a feet, adding for good magnitude what he described for women as “statement-making boots on a pavement-friendly low heel.”

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