Is that purse real, or fake? Here’s how to infer your engineer bag is a genuine thing

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: we have a Gucci cross-body bag, that we purchased some years ago. we no longer have a receipt, nonetheless we know we purchased it during a creditable dialect store. we would like to sell a purse nonetheless do not know how to substantiate it. we have emailed Gucci nonetheless have not gotten a response. Any suggestions we can offer would be severely appreciated.— W.J.B.

Dear W. J. B.: I wouldn’t reason my exhale watchful for a response from Gucci. Fortunately, there is some-more info out there on authenticating engineer bags than we could presumably wade through. YouTube ( has dozens of videos. There are bag blogs galore — like and — that have endless guides on a subject.

But, if you’re formulation to sell or entrust it during a high-end emporium (like, they know how to tell fakes and will save we a difficulty of all that research. They have eagle-eye experts on palm to substantiate Gucci, Hermes and many other often-knocked-off oppulance brands. You’d get some-more for your Gucci bag if we had a sales receipt, a controllato (authenticity card) and a dirt bag that came with it. But don’t cry over that spilled milk. Hope that your bag is one that is singular and in demand. If so and if yours is in good shape, we could good get copiousness some-more than we paid for it.

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