Irvine Co. removes SoCal Harvest ad from Fashion Island mall after …

The SoCal Harvest eventuality during Angel Stadium draws an estimated 100,000 people over a three-day run any summer, though it won’t be recruiting attendees during Fashion Island mall, where a Irvine Co. took down a billboard promotion a event.

The ad showed Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Senior Pastor Greg Laurie holding a microphone and lifting a book in his right palm as if priesthood to a crowd, and listed information on this year’s event – before famous as a Harvest Crusade – that takes place Aug. 17 to 19. It was on a side of a parking garage by Neiman Marcus from Jul 19 until a Irvine Co. – that owns Fashion Island in Newport Beach – private it on Friday, Aug. 3, Harvest Executive Pastor John Collins pronounced Tuesday.

Church officials were told “there were complaints they had perceived and there was a hazard that they had received” about a billboard, Collins said. “We don’t know a inlet of that hazard and given afterwards they have been reluctant to pronounce to us.”

A billboard during Fashion Island in Newport Beach was private after a Irvine Co. pronounced it perceived complaints and a threat. (Courtesy of Harvest Christian Fellowship)

Irvine Co. orator Scott Starkey would usually contend a association has reached out to Laurie to apologize. Starkey declined to answer serve questions.

The same ad was displayed on a ensign during a Irvine Spectrum, another Irvine Co. property, and that also was taken down and a church’s income was refunded, Collins said. An matching ad stays during a Galleria during Tyler in Riverside, where a church is based; a Irvine Co. does not possess that mall and Collins pronounced he hasn’t listened of any complaints about a ad there.

The ad was patterned after aged images of a late priest Billy Graham, a crony and coach to Laurie, though a book it shows is not labeled as a Bible and does not have a cranky or other eremite black on it, Collins said.

“The thing that goes by my mind, during least, is it’s kind of an indicator of where we are culturally,” Collins said.

The giveaway evangelistic electioneer has been hold for 29 years and works with charities that assistance a homeless and others in need, he said. “There’s many things that occur in a context of a eventuality that are really certain for a community, so to have that brushed aside as if it’s not critical is rather disturbing.”

In a Tuesday blog post on a church’s website, patrician “For some, a Bible is offensive,” Laurie wrote: “Everybody needs to only relax a small bit. we see images on billboards and displays in stores that we find descent all a time. we do not protest or boycott. we only consider as Christians we ought to have ‘equal time’ and a voice in a marketplace.”

Collins pronounced church officials are doubtful that someone would make a complaint, though they’re not dissapoint with a Irvine Co., and might publicize with it in a future.

Newport Beach Police Sgt. Peter Carpentieri pronounced he’s not wakeful of any hazard per a Harvest ad being reported to a department.

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