Iron Solomon vs. T-Top Announced for ‘Summer Madness 8’ on URL in London

Ultimate Rap League has announced a third conflict for their initial eventuality to be hold overseas, in Summer Madness 8 in London. The attempted and exam maestro that is New York’s Iron Solomon who has a really clever year will face off opposite a relations loser T-Top on Saturday 10 November. In a conflict that is certain to be a exam /opportunity for T-Top, Iron Solomon can concrete his place behind in a tip tier with another win.

Having formerly battled a likes of Murda Mook, JC, Daylyt, Rum Nitty, Chilla Jones and Danny Myers among many others, Iron has good and truly cemented his place in conflict swat good before his new clever streak. T-Top himself has faced off opposite a likes of Bigg K, JC, Geechi Gotti, Ave, Tsu Surf, Goodz, Math Hoffa, T-Rex, Charlie Clips, Shotgun Suge proof that he can hang on a categorical theatre of a URL Summer Madness with a maestro like Solomon. Sure to be a classical conflict and will be engaging to see how they compare adult on a day on unfamiliar land.

This proclamation comes on a behind of a Battle of Da Don’s superstar for Summer Madness 8, with Hollow Da Don set to face his name-sake nemesis in JJDD in what is certain to be a exhilarated confront and is prolonged awaited. Tay Roc vs. Pat Stay has also been announced, sight a preview to a character strife here. With usually 3 battles announced to date for SM8, a label is already looking glow and has sent conflict swat fans into a frenzy. It will be engaging to see how all a conflict emcees adjust to an divided URL throng in London – now a long, prolonged approach divided from New York’s home. London fans, tickets accessible now from here to support a enlightenment and concede conflict swat to continue to develop. The Pay Per View is accessible as common from

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