Inside Dapper Dan and Gucci’s Harlem Atelier

From a outside, a brownstone in Central Harlem looks like any other building on a block. But enter by a ground-floor door, pass by a red velvet fate and we will find yourself among resounding jaguars, long-tailed dragons and hip-hop greats from a ’80s and ’90s, including LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim and Eric B, a Fat Boys and Jay-Z.

Welcome to a appointment-only atelier of a couturier Daniel Day, improved famous as Dapper Dan, and a oppulance tag Gucci. Their corner try non-stop in January, following years of mutual indebtedness and imitation.

“I was a wordless partner for so many years,” pronounced Mr. Day, who operated a boutique on 125th Street that mostly kept 24 hour days and was a favorite stop for rappers, boxers and gangsters, including KRS-One, Mike Tyson and Alberto Martinez, also famous as Alpo, for a decade starting in 1982.

Mr. Day openly (and but permission) used a trademark prints of companies like Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci to emanate tradition wardrobe equipment and objects, including automobile interiors and fighting trunks. He faced mixed lawsuits from oppulance brands that claimed he had disregarded their copyrights, and by 1992, after a raid on his emporium led by Fendi (and one of the lawyers, Sonia Sotomayor), Mr. Day motionless not to free his boutique.

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