I’m Officially Done With Cutoffs Now That we Found This Denim Romper

I’ll always have a soothing mark for cutoff shorts. They’re a long-lived favorite for many reasons — easy to dress adult and dress down, and a arguable anniversary staple. But one thing they really aren’t is comfortable. If it’s not a waistband digging into my hips, it’s a shorts collecting on my thighs, formulating a chafe-like massage that reddens my legs. So while we still wear and delight my denim shorts, we know they don’t have a prolonged life. They’re really not something we can wear all day.

Which is because we was quite vehement to try a Free People One Teaspoon Pink Prophecy One-Piece ($198). Denim? Check. Completely loose-fitting and damn nearby unfit to chafe? You betcha. The square comes in a horde of colors, and we grabbed a span in an olive wash. The stitching and tender hem make it super casual, and a prolonged sleeves are a good turn on a renouned boiler fit trend. I’ve prolonged been a jumpsuit girl, and maybe my favorite fact is that a fit fastens with snaps, not buttons! Talk about a discerning outing to a bathroom.

I recently wore it to work with my fight boots (which I’m dynamic to make seasonless) and devise to dress it adult in a destiny with a leather fanny container to give a apparition of a silhouette.

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