If we aren’t a mouth pack person, Kylie Cosmetics only expelled new lipstick singles

Much like Bruce Wayne contemplating a night sky of Gotham for his bat signal, HelloGiggles keeps tabs on a ever updating cosmetics launches entrance from a youngest of a Jenner and Kardashian Dynasty. So it’s usually wise we surprise we that Kylie Cosmetics is rising new glass lipstick singles, only in time for fall.

On Wednesday, a immature businessman announced that Kylie Cosmetics would be releasing a new glass lipstick singles today. At honeyed last, they are here, and makeup lovers everywhere have collectively sighed out of relief.

The new launch includes 4 new lipstick singles: Brown Sugar, Dirty Peach, Leo, and Love Bite.

EXCITING NEWS* Brown Sugar, Dirty Peach, Leo, and Love Bite are strictly fasten a singles! You can now have a choice to buy these shades with or but a mouth ship starting TOMORROW during 9am pst!

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Now we can squeeze these shades but dropping dollars on a mouth kit, that is a flattering good deal. It’s good to have some-more leisure to try out opposite shades but satirical off some-more lipstick than we can chew.

We have a feeling these glass lipsticks and liners will be drifting off a practical shelves before a weekend even hits.

New Singles Drop Tomorrow ♥️ 9am pst.

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The glass lipstick and ship singles are $17 each. You can conduct on over to KylieCosmetics.com to see that shade strikes your fancy.

Which shade are we many vehement for?

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