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August 25, 2020 - Short Yoga Pants

I decided to put the leggings to the ultimate test by wearing them on a 14-mile bike ride.

amazon leggings in real world

Taking the leggings on a bike ride showed me just how versatile they are.
Celia Fernandez / Insider

Wearing the full-length leggings on this particularly hot day was not the most comfortable, but it showed me how the garment held up, even in extreme conditions.

Thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, I didn’t feel the sweat that pooled up around my body. However, the thickness of the leggings definitely made me feel the heat even more.

At the end of my bike ride, I was expecting to struggle to remove the yoga pants because of all the sweat, but they came off smoothly. 

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these on a long bike ride like I did because they have no cushion, but for a less-intense workout, these would be perfect. 

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