Huang Xiaoming gives really straightforward estimation of Angelababy’s behaving skills: Bad is bad

Angelababy poses during a photocall before a Christian Dior 2017 fall/winter Haute Couture collection uncover in Paris Jul 3, 2017. — AFP picBEIJING, Jan 18 — Perhaps Huang Xiaoming hasn’t listened of a word “Happy wife, happy life” — though he might shortly wish he had.

According to Singapore’s Straits Times, a renouned Chinese actor was asked during an talk with Sina website for his opinion on his mother Angelababy’s behaving ability.

Commenting on photos of her great during a premiere of his latest film, Forever Young, he replied: “Baby is a really romantic person, so if and once she gets it, she should be a really good actress.”

It should be noted, however, that even Angelababy’s fans feel that her behaving skills leave most to be preferred — even if she is one of China’s biggest stars.

Huang’s straightforward comment didn’t stop there.

Sina quoted him as adding: “I’m usually being really objective. This is zero to be ashamed of. Bad is bad. We’ll usually have to try hard.”

However, Huang seemed to spirit that this has caused a small attrition during home, generally when he tries to critique his wife’s work.

“But each time I’m serious, she doesn’t accept it simply and we have to awaken her,” he continued.

“But actually, she knows, and she knows what her problem is. She’s also perplexing tough to change and learn.”

Huang afterwards took a event to indicate out that his behaving success is all down to tough work, and not talent.

“I’m not a gifted type, I’m a overworked type, my usually talent is tough work,” he was quoted as saying.

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