How Victoria’s Secret Model Zuri Tibby Feels About Being a First Black Spokesmodel for PINK

Zuri pronounced in further to being a purpose indication for women of color, she’s an disciple for healthy hair, both on and off a runway. She would even feel gentle walking down Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway with her healthy hair. Last year, Maria Borges done story as a initial indication of tone to wear healthy hair while strutting down a Victoria’s Secret runway.


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“In many of my print shoots, we wear my healthy true hair. we consider my hair is pleasing possibly way,” she said. “Natural hair is something everybody should embrace. It’s distinguished some-more now than it ever has been before.”

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It’s tough to trust that Zuri had no enterprise to turn a indication before removing scouted during a mall when she was 15. “Before we was scouted, we went to, like, dual open calls, since my aunt was pressuring me to do it,” she said. “I was unequivocally immature during a time and didn’t consider that we wanted to be a model. But when we got scouted, we was unequivocally dynamic to do it.”

Looking behind during her younger years, Zuri pronounced being a indication entrance adult in such a tough attention pushed her to grow adult faster than a normal teenage girl. With shoots for Teen Vogue, Interview, and Cosmopolitan under her belt, it’s apparent that her process of slaying a attention works.

“Don’t take all so severely and don’t take rejecting personally,” Zuri pronounced of what recommendation she would give immature models. “Stay determined, stay focused, and work hard. But don’t pull yourself too most — we always need downtime. Oh, and really finish school!”


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Even yet she has overwhelming features, Zuri has dealt with insecurities. In fact, she thinks everybody does.

“When we was in kindergarten, we was taller than my teacher, that was crazy,” she said. “I used to get done fun of a lot for being really tall, lanky, and awkward-looking. [Editor’s note: Zuri is 5-foot-10.] My tallness was something we was always uncertain about. Now, in a displaying industry, it’s critical to my career and I’m regulating it to my advantage. It’s something that I’ve grown to love.”

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Bonus tip on how she slays a selfie game: “I’m really additional and we have my possess ring light in my apartment. A ring light is a bright, white, healthy illumination tie that only creates we glow. With that, we find a large open window and reason a phone adult a small bit, lean my head, and pose. Good lighting is a best for a selfie.”

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