How to Pack Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Victoria’s Secret indication Sanne Vloet knows a thing or dual about traveling. Born in Donkerbroek, in a Netherlands, Vloet has jetsetted via her career, displaying around a universe and appearing in general conform magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

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Now, usually 22-years-old, she still has no intentions of slowing down. Before appearing in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, Travel + Leisure got to discuss with Vloet about her best-kept beauty secret, her friendly transport style, and her one guilty pleasure when traveling.

Office of a day 👣

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T+L: What’s a thing we skip many about vital in a Netherlands?

Vloet: “The people, actually. They’re unequivocally practical people. we skip a cheese as well.”

50 shades of blue 🌊

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What is your favorite place we have trafficked to for work?

“I’ve been all over, though we consider my favorite would be [when] we were sharpened in a north of Finland, during a Arctic Circle. That was unequivocally special, actually. we consider that was my favorite trip. It was really, unequivocally cold to work in, though it was so special. So far, it was one of my favorite places to go — and we don’t even like a cold!”

What’s a one object that we can't transport without?

“Headphones. we always have my headphones with me. we can’t transport though any music.”

What’s your favorite thing to wear on a prolonged flight?

“I will always move a scarf with me given infrequently a heat in a airfield or craft changes unequivocally fast, so we always move a headband given it’s unequivocally easy. we like to wear gentle clothes, though not too shabby, given we unequivocally feel like when we travel, if we demeanour good, we feel good. I’ll transport with loafers — given we can take them on and off easy, generally during etiquette — a loose-fit pant, and a comfortable cashmere sweater.”

Do we have any packing tips?

“Roll a clothes. And what we do recently as well, we put all in tiny string bags. So my hosiery are separate, underwear is separate, all my bags are separate, swimwear is separate. So we have a small bit some-more room in your suitcase, and we can find things faster. we also put all my liquids in cosmetic bags to equivocate leaking.”

What’s a best vacation you’ve ever taken?

“I consider a best end was Indonesia for me. we trafficked there for six weeks with a friend, and it had so many pleasing things. Beautiful culture, pleasing nature. There [are] beaches, things to do like surfing, relaxing with yoga, and we consider that given it was all together, and we can do all that we wanted [in one place]. That done it unequivocally nice. And I love Asian food.” 

Happy New Year everyone! we can demeanour behind during an extraordinary 2017! Let’s accomplish new goals and opportunities this year! What is your New Years resolution? 🐟🐟

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What’s your one guilty pleasure when traveling?

“I always have a bar of chocolate in my bag, and we adore a potion of red booze on a plane.”

What’s your best-kept transport beauty secret?

“I always move face masks in a craft for a prolonged flight. And Caudalie’s facial spray, that is kind of minty. And given it’s minty, not usually is it unequivocally good for your skin, though it unequivocally freshens we up. And [also] eye drops.”

Peace out Shanghai! First time China and it was unequivocally a large succes!! Had so most fun exploring a city and culture! I️ can’t wait to uncover we guys shortly all my adventures! Now a time to go home honeyed home NYC✈️✌🏻

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Are there any projects you’re now operative on?

“Because roving is one of my passions — of course, we do it for work — though I’d unequivocally like to try all cultures. There are some arriving projects with a roving we do, and we will wish to share that with people. In [2018], it will be a bigger thing.”

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