How to Avoid a 3 Common Scams American Travelers Fall For

We’ve all seen him. The typical American traveler overseas: white sneakers, shorts, Gore-Tex windbreaker over golf shirt or (worse) sports gear, ill-fitting ball cap, fanny-pack. The demeanour on his face is of someone somewhat impressed yet happily dazzled by a unfamiliar landscape. He is a guide for a hustler, for a scammer, for a form of chairman who looks to apart this American archetype from his income and/or valuables.

Pshaw, we say. we wouldn’t be held passed in white sneakers or a fanny container and we hatred golf. I’ve been abroad and we know what’s up.

Perhaps we do, my friend, maybe we do. But while these hustlers covet a aforementioned clueless American, be positive that we are on their radar as well. What follows is some recommendation on transport scams and not only for a neophyte traveler, yet also for those who have been around a block. It’s by no means downright — there are many scams and scammers out there. Get a hoop on these, though, and you’re off to a good start.

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