How this Bedminster beautician became a stylist for Tinie Tempah during London Fashion Week

Emilio Vincenzo has lived in Bristol all his life.

Born to Italian parents, Emilio grew adult in Hanham and started hairdressing during Hobbs on Park Street when he was usually 14 years old.

By a age of 18, he had non-stop his possess salon on North Street in Bedminster, that he saved himself and co-owns with his mum.

You Lifestyle Hairdressing is not quite unusual; large mirrors line dark grey walls and upbeat song that’s intermittently drowned out by a sound of high-powered hairdryers fills a room.

But Emilio is dynamic to be different.

Now 28 and a business owner, Emilio, who is also a contentious bodybuilder, is creation a name for himself in tip conform circles.

He has already worked during London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and in large shows in Milan, as good as with luminary stylists including Alexandra Lewis of Love Island fame.

Emilio has also worked with stars including rapper-turned-designer Tinie Tempah, who he says is “really nice”, and supermodels including Russian ‘Supernova’ Natalie Vodianova.

You lifestyle hairdressing is formed on North Street
(Image: BristolLive)

He said: “London and Paris conform week is something we have wanted to do for a prolonged time, though it took me ages to get concerned with a right people.

“We started regulating British Hair products in my salon and someone from a British Hair association came into a salon.

“The products are used in tip conform shows and events, including London, Milan and Paris. They invited me along to one eventuality to assistance out, and they favourite what we did and only kept pursuit me back.”

Working during London Fashion week progressing in a year was an “amazing” experience, says Emilio, who admits some of a designers can be “quite challenging” to work with.

He explained: “We are given a brief and and are told a styles a engineer wants to enrich a clothes.

Emilio, distant right, with Tinie Tempah and other stylists
(Image: Bristol Live)

“The designers are unequivocally prescriptive though there will be double and triple checks. It creates me feel like an partner again though we like it since we suffer learning.

“Tinie Tempah was one of a unequivocally good onces. He was only walking around with his small dog chatting to us.

“I like articulate to a models, though a appetite is so high we don’t have that most time as you’re carrying to do hair for about 20 models.”

Emilio recently worked with British conform engineer Christopher Raeburn, who is famous for compliance over-abundance fabrics and panoply to emanate clothes.

He said: “A lot of his work is desirous by parachutes and he did a partnership with Timberland and a things was unequivocally interesting.”

Despite all a general travelling, Emilio stays unequivocally most hands-on during his salon in Bristol.

He said: “I like carrying a bustling lifestyle and we trust my group to get on with it.”

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But like all entrepreneurs, Emilio admits he’s not defence to creation mistakes.

He recalled: “When we was training when we was about 17, a lady asked for a border trim though she had a genuine distinguished cowlick and we pulled it down and cut it off and it only stranded adult in a air.

Emilio in his Bedminster salon
(Image: BristolLive)

“There were a few tears there for her. For me, it was a training curve.”

His recommendation to anyone looking to get concerned in hairdressing is to deposit time training about hair.

He said: “Having finished it myself from such a immature age, and operative in Bristol salons during a tip of their game, gave me some-more confidence.

“Get into a creditable salon and work your approach up.

“There are a integrate of training academies in Bristol though training on a pursuit is better. we am sanctified to contend we have had decent training and worked with a best in my career.”

Looking to a future, Emilio skeleton to do some-more bodybuilding and hopes to start operative with some-more celebrities.

He added: “My large dream is to have a group of my possess using these shows eventually.”

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