How Owning a New Nike NBA Jersey Will Help You Buy Exclusive Sneakers

Nike’s new NBA jerseys will give fans some-more entrance to a code and a athletes than ever before.

Today, Nike announces NikeConnect, described as an “unlock to real-time, personalized practice activated by a multiple of a jersey, a smartphone and a NikeConnect app.” With a new jersey and a app, fans will be means to bond by an NFC chip located underneath a jock tag, automatically rising a knowledge on their smartphones. Once connected, fans will have entrance to disdainful calm and highlights for a analogous player, along with NBA 2K18 boosters, diversion tickets and disdainful Nike product launches—sneakers included. There’s also a direct-to-fan height that will concede players to send messages to fans who purchased their jersey.

NikeConnect NBA Jersey (3)

The technology, for iPhone 7 and newer and Android, will be implemented in both swingman ($110) and authentic ($200) jerseys, that will recover on Friday, Sept. 29 during, a Nike store or group tradesman nearby you. Visit for some-more information on how NikeConnect works.

NikeConnect NBA Jersey (2)

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