How Havaianas’ New President Plans to Make a Brand No. 1 in a US

In November, Eno Polo was appointed the new boss of Alpargatas USA Inc., a primogenitor of Havaianas in a United States.

Before holding on a role, he spent 10 years during Nike and served as Alpargatas’ boss of a EMEA region, where he incited Havaianas into a No. 1 sandal code in Europe. He’s now been tasked with boosting a form in a U.S.

Here, Polo shares his devise for conquering this critical market.

What practice are we bringing to your new role?

“Having worked for Havaianas [in Europe] for scarcely a past 10 years, we know a details and outs of a brand. The many critical thing is to work on a strengths. A lot of times, people only concentration on regulating a weaknesses and don’t rise what we are indeed really good during doing. Also, we have schooled from a European markets that a transparent code positioning is essential. We turn top-of-mind in a summer months, and afterwards we disappear. In that few moments we have, we need to have unchanging and transparent code positioning.”

What are your primary focuses in a entrance months?

“The code has stagnated a past few years in terms of growth. Usually that means there are foundational problems we need to resolve. Short-term goals are: mastering a fundamentals and creation certain we have a right people in a right places; building stronger relations with a customers, either they be a pivotal accounts or smaller independents that do large volumes; and partnering with a suppliers. We don’t have 10,000 employees, so we need a support of clever suppliers.”

Havaianas flip-flops
Courtesy of brand

What singular hurdles does a U.S. marketplace pose?

“The good news is, it’s one country. It’s really formidable to work in Europe — we have a denunciation barrier, and we don’t have too many accounts that cranky borders, so you’re fundamentally using any republic as an individual. The beauty of a U.S. is, we could sell to a tradesman like Nordstrom, and they cover a nation. But there are also so many opposite markets [here in a U.S.] — as opposite as a U.K. is to Italy, in a way, though during slightest they pronounce a same denunciation and use a same currency.”

How will we conduct those opposite regions?

“The devise is to open an bureau in a West Coast by a center of subsequent year. We’ll start with a West Coast-East Coast bureau structure and take it from there. We competence also open an bureau in Florida. That’s a devise that we had in Europe. we non-stop a informal European bureau in Madrid, though we had showrooms in London, Paris, Italy, Portugal and eventually even in Germany. This is a large country, and if we wish to be tighten to your customers, infrequently we need to go and be there.”

Havaianas’ primogenitor association gained new infancy investors final year. Has that influenced your strategy?

“We feel like these new investors, since they’re prepared to put all this income into a brand, they trust Havaianas can grow a lot some-more in a general section. To put things in perspective, we sell 4 times some-more in Europe than in a U.S., that creates positively no sense. There is a outrageous event here. It’s a good thing [having these new investors]. The flip side is that I’m substantially going to get a lot of vigour about a U.S. business. But that’s because I’m here.”

Flip-flops on arrangement in Havaianas’ Westfield World Trade Center store.
Courtesy of brand

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