How rising engineer Han Wen found impulse during a barbershop

TOSONE: What was a initial mantle we ever made?

WEN: we attended a summer module during Parsons in high school, so we could see what a propagandize was like before we practical there. we done a black dress with a low v-neck. It was a unequivocally voluptuous take on a classical LBD.

TOSONE: What was a initial place that we trafficked to?

WEN: Japan. It was a initial place we went to outward of China.

TOSONE: Who was a initial chairman who believed in your work?

WEN: we had a clergyman during my youth year who unequivocally believed we could turn a conform designer. He was a good apparatus when we was in propagandize and helped me with projects. Even in my comparison year when we was operative on my thesis, I’d still infrequently speak to him or email him questions.

TOSONE: What was a initial film that we saw that we unequivocally loved?

WEN: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [2000]. My relatives took me to a museum to see it and we was amazed.

TOSONE: How about a initial order that we remember breaking?

WEN: we consider it was clubbing. My relatives were always unequivocally despotic and didn’t wish me to go out to clubs, though we pennyless that rule.

TOSONE: What was your initial heartbreak?

WEN: First heartbreak, initial heartbreak … we don’t know. we theory we haven’t like gifted a critical heartbreak before.

TOSONE: What was a initial conform uncover that we ever saw?

WEN: The initial conform uncover that we saw was an Anna Sui’s show. we interned for a code during my sophomore year and we got to assistance out with a show.

TOSONE: Last one, when was a initial time we got starstruck?

WEN: It was during a CFDA Awards. When we finished school, we was propitious adequate to attend a eventuality as a Parsons graduate. we saw Beyoncé that day and we unequivocally freaked out. She’s so pleasing and skinny and high in person!



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