How Dear Giana, an 8-Year-Old Art Prodigy, Captures 3 Major Fashion Week Moments

In a unenlightened margin of stylish Internet kids, Dear Giana stands out from a pack. The 8-year-old Texan is not usually a intelligent dresser, famous for pity her collection of streetwear on Instagram during @g.von.g, she is also an artist with a penetrating eye for conform painting that her relatives detected by chance. “My mom indeed has a pic of me regulating watercolors in a high chair during a age of 3,” she says. “They even have a video of me giving an art uncover to them in my backyard, display them things we done out of rocks.”

The venerable child stumbled into a margin and found her signature style—a print sliced down a middle, the other half finished with desirable small lines—at age 5, when her mom left a handful of pencils, tone crayons, and an aged conform repository to perform her. She returned to learn that Giana had ripped a print of Zooey Deschanel from the page and rendered a shockingly neat take of it. “When we was finished, my mom was so astounded to see how good it incited out and for me being so little,” she says. Her relatives fast armed their expert with reserve she now considers her “treasure”—crayons, tone pencils, Sakura ink pens (“my favorite!”), pencils, oil pastels, markers, acrylic paints, and watercolors—and set adult her initial solo art uncover in Seattle.

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