How Costume Transformed Elle Fanning Into a ’70s Punk Rock Alien in ‘How to Talk to Girls during Parties’

Based on a brief story “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, “How to Talk to Girls during Parties” is a punk anticipation brought to a big-screen by author and executive John Cameron Mitchell (“Hedwig and a Angry Inch”). But it’s also a story of teenage love, when an ungainly child falls for a lady from, literally, a opposite world.

Set in 1977 in Croydon (aka a hearth of Kate Moss), zine artist Enn (Alex Sharp) and his dual misfit schoolmates are on a hunt for an after-party. After withdrawal a internal bar run by punk basement mom Boadicea (a gold blonde Nicole Kidman in a deconstructed Elizabethan ruff), a 3 event on a hoary townhouse filled with sexy, rhythmically buoyant beings clad in colorful latex ensembles, who clearly are not from South London. Enn and friends will shortly learn that a inhabitants are indeed not from this planet, as in they’re aliens, including Zan (Elle Fanning), a rebel immature supernatural who wants to knowledge a outward universe or “the punk,” as she says.

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